TYP Collection

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Troy Murray, a.k.a. TYP, is a Detroit, Michigan native living out his dream of becoming a full-time artist Showcasing deep, thought-provoking experiences in each piece. Troy uses art as a medium to cast light on the experiences he endured through years of addiction and recovery.

Following his first solo art exhibition in 2016 titled FusionHD, the TYP brand began to takeoff and resonate with art enthusiasts alike. After expanding his clientele as well as his knowledge of the creative industry, TYP decided to open a gallery in downtown Birmingham, Michigan - The TYP Collection.

Currently, TYP uses the space to continue expanding his brand while curating shows for himself, as well as collaborations with other artists. When he isn’t in the studio creating, Troy stays very active in his church community as he credits his recovery to God’s love and grace. In 2016, TYP signed to the Jared Emerson Art Brand and continues to impact lives of others through his work and performance art.